Thursday, 1 August 2013

Goodfet hardware developing tools

Trevor Goodspeed is an amazing hacker and hardware designer.

In the moment there are three pcbs available.

First the Goodfet Trevor's signature module.

The GoodFET is a JTAG adapter,  based upon Texas Instruments MSP430 FET UIF
The Goodfet can not only be used as a programmer, but also as an universal serial bus interface.

Second the GoodThopter

The GoodThopteris an opensource Can bus monitor.
The main purpose of this board is to explore Automotive communication buses, currently supporting only the CAN bus. In addition to the Goodfet a high-speed CAN Transceiver and a Stand-alone CAN Controller with a SPI Interface was added. The GoodThopter also allows users to purchase the cheaper OBD2 cables from SparkFun.

And third the Facedancer

The Facedancer is a hardware revision of the GoodFET except unlike the general-purpose GoodFET boards, the only purpose of this board is to allow USB devices to be written in host-side Python, so that one workstation can test the USB device drivers of another host.

I received pcbs from the above modules and will post a more detailed blog entry for each of them soon.

Trevors hardware and software are available under the BSD license, and free-as-in-beer boards will be given to those who ask politely.

Goodthopter Facedancer and Goodfet pcbs

Goodfet further information
Goodfet Homepage
GoodThopter Homepage
Facedancer Homepage
Ordering blank pcbs 

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