Thursday, 25 July 2013

GPS Locator

I often read about new Gps receiver which are so sensitive the even get a lock indoors.
Every now and then I believe this rumours buy the unit try it at home and of course it does not receive enough satellites to get a lock sometimes it does not even receive one.

A gps receiver at would be grat, I could synchronise my Rubidium oscillator with the 1pps output, or build a timeserver ,...

 The MTK3339 Gps receiver I tested has a pretty fast fix and there is a breakout pad available which fits on the Launchpad. There is even the option to connect a battery to it so it does not lose its satellite data and only needs a warm start.

When you remove the target processor on it you can use the Launchpad as serial to usb converter.
So you plug the Gps pcb on the Launchpad, start a terminal programm on the Pc and watch the Gps data flow.

Unfortunately no Gps lock at home, but nevertheless a very sensitive and fast Gps receiver.

Gps Locator pcb

Gps Locator bottom view

Booster Pack shop link
Gps receiver

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