Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cypress PSOC4

Cypress PSOC4 Electronics embedded programming C

Today I explored a new microcontroller system from Cypress called PSOC (Programmable System on Chip).
I bought a devkit from Farnell which costs about 20€ called CY8KIT-042.

Cypress Dev board

The programming process is different, you program them with the usual C code you have an integrated debugger, but you can also program your functions with a graphical interface.

F.e. the typical hello world micro controller program, a blinking led:

Graphical implementation of the blinking frequency using pwm (pulse width moduation):

Mapping of the led pin to the graphical Pin_1 component

Calling the component using C code

void main()

Compiling and Programming the device

Project finished

 A very interesting concept, worth further exploring.

Cypress Psoc4 community projects

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