Sunday, 21 July 2013

Meet the Lpcxpresso

Embdedded Artists did an awesome job around the Lpc Arm processor line from Nxp.
32 bit Arm processors are now  available and affordable for everyone.
All you need is some fundamental C experience, an Lpcxpresso board and to read the Embedded Artists tutorial.

For example I read the I2C tutorial section, hooked up an Lm75 I2C temperature sensor and understood enough about the usage of I2C to write my own character display library based on an Newhaven I2C display.

The productivity using this tool set can be breathtaking.
You use templates from Embedded  Artists, expand the code debug it and you are done.

The code red ide is based on Eclipse so you really get a nice development environment.
There is a huge user base on the Internet and some really great forums.

The debugger works great and you always see what is going on with your source code.

For my hardware designs I meanwhile use only controllers from Ti and the Lpc line if I need 32 bit power. I don't want to work without a decent debugger any more.

In the moment I use the following boards:
LPC1115 board
A Arm cortex M0 processor with 64kB flash and 8kB data memory

A Arm cortex M3 processor with 512kB flash and 64kB data memory
It has a built in Ethernet and can interface and offers tons of features.

I also bought the Lpcxpresso experiment kit, which offers example hardware and software to try the most interesting chip features out.

Once I figured the user rights management on my private git server out, I will provide some example code I wrote for this processor, like my lcd library.

LPC 1115 and Lm75 sensor on a breadboard

The new Jtag V2 interface

Lpcxpresso experiment kit

Embedded Artists
Lpcxpresso experiment kit
Code Red Ide
User Forum

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