Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Spectrum analyzer Part VII The Frame

To be able to test the modules and later insert them in a proper case they have to be secured somehow.
Scotty suggested a double sided raw pcb and to cut holes into it where the future modules will be placed.

Since I did not have such a pcb in my stock but was fortunate enough to find some brass profiles I used these to build my frame.

I cut them to size using the following template on Scotty's website and hardsoldered them.
Unfortunately  they get pretty messed up during the soldering process.
To clean them up you have to bath them in a 40% sulfuric acid solution and wipe them clean afterwards using a polishing cloth.
The last step is to drill mounting holes into the frame's edges.

Frame after soldering
Frame after cleaning
Spectrum analyzer Part I Controller board
Spectrum analyzer Part II Phase Detector
Spectrum analyzer Part III ADC 16
Spectrum analyzer Part IV Logarithmic Detector
Spectrum analyzer Part V Master Oscillator
Spectrum analyzer Part VI DDS 

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