Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spectrum analyzer Part II Phase Detector Module

The  Phase Detector Module is a 360 degree, Phase to Voltage Converter.  It is specifically designed to operate at 10.7 MHz, but will operate in the KHz range up to 30 MHz.  
 The J1 and J2 inputs can be sine or square wave .  The min / max sine input is -20 dBm to +18 dBm.  The min / max square input is 10 mvpp to 5vpp.  Input impedance is nominally 50 ohms, but can be changed to any input impedance.
The output, at J3, is a DC voltage that is proportional to the differential phase of the input signals at J1 and J2.  The 0v to +5v output should be loaded with 100 K or higher.  A realistic phase range is from 20 degrees to 340 degrees with error less than .1 degrees.
Power requirement for the is +7 volts to +15 volts at 50 ma.

To build the RevC module I had to made some component changes and add some capacitors.
The most visible change is the added jumper wire in the bottom right.
It is not easy to solder a jumper to an ic with such a small footprint, but it is manageable as long as you have a good magnifying glass as guidance.

Phase Detector rev C

Spectrum analyzer Part I Controller board build notes

Phase Detector Slim Module

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