Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sorting, sorting , sorting

Usually I store my resistors in a zip bag and there is always the worry  if I already own the right ones for a certain project.

More than a year ago I bought three smd component storage boxes and started to sort my 0603 resistors.
First you have to label all the compartments and then you fill them up with resistors.
Great care is to be taken, wrong placed resistors have to potential to sabotage you project.

Sorting the 0603 resistors was really not a project you would write home about.
But the resistor box turned out extremely useful.
In fact so useful I would not miss this box anymore.
By the time (> 1 year at least) I also forgot about all the hassle.
So I decided today it is time to fill another box, this time 0805 resistors.
To get an idea of the project, i own meanwhile more then 10k of 0805 resistors with about 170 different values.Eight back aching hours later, I finally sorted them in !!!

Very useful storage box

more than 10.000 sorted resistors

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