Friday, 5 July 2013

Project Green House

Carbon footprint|Energy saving|Stromzähler|Sromrechnung

In today's environment energy saving and reduction of your individual carbon footprint becomes more and more important.

The first step to become more energy efficient is to know as much as possible about your energy consume.

Therefore an energy counter and logger is advisable.

I browsed through the Amazon store and finally bought a Swissnox SX-3L counter.
The first step to this task was the installation of an energy counter directly behind the earth leakage circuit breaker where the energy is delivered to the home.
Since I am not very comfortable messing around  inside the main fuse box a friend of mine Stefan a master house electrician was so kind to help out.

Energy counter installed inside mains fuse box block

Finished Fusebox

If you look at the second picture you see a red/black cable.
The counter provides an isolated pulse port and that cable is connected there.
800 pulses are equal to a kilowatt.

The next step is to design a radio interface which counts that pulses and sends the data to a server where the information is logged and graphically displayed.

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