Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Spectrum analyzer Part V Master Oszillator

Description (copied from Scotty's web page)

The Master Oscillator, contains a 64 MHz oscillator and 3 buffered line drivers.
Each output is 5 volt CMOS that can drive a 50 ohm line that is terminated with either, a high impedance load, or 50 ohms.  A 33 ohm resistor is shown as a series element in each output.
The frequency will drift with temperature. I was able to test only one sample. It had a positive frequency/temperature coefficient of .15 parts per million per degree F (9.6 Hz / 1 deg F)

The build was fairly easy you just have to take care of possible cold solder joints around the crystal oscillator. This kind of packaging easily produces cold solder joints.

Since the unit is already tested I already shielded it.

Master Oscillator rev B

MO back side

Side view of shielded oscillator
Spectrum analyzer Part I Controller board Spectrum analyzer Part II Phase Detector   Spectrum analyzer Part III ADC 16 
Spectrum analyzer Part IV Logarithmic Detector 

Master Oscillator 

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