Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Spectrum analyzer Part III ADC 16

There are two Slim modules for the ADC section.
Their main difference is resolution one delivers 16 bit the other module 12 bit.
Although the 12 bit version is cheaper and has a way easier to solder footprint, I choose the 16 bit version.

The ADC-16 is a dual 16 bit, serial, analog to digital converter, using two AD7685's.  
There is no manual adjustment to set the A to D range.  It is not needed to obtain excellent resolution in the MSA and VNA systems.  Each ADC will digitize its input of 0 to 5 volts to a bit value of 0 to  65535 bits.  This equates to 76.3 uv per bit.
Both A/D's will capture, and clock out their data simultaneously

ADC 16 rev A

Spectrum analyzer Part I Controller board build notes 
Spectrum analyzer Part II Phase Detector

ADC 16 Slim module 

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